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OR WOT | The Story

OR WOT! Explore The clothing brand OR WOT produced by Mark. An artist in Nuneaton UK. Artist uk.

Once upon another time (not January 2010) A Five Star Cruise Liner from England sinks. All passengers rescued apart from ONE. Luggage and the ONE marooned on an Island. Castaway Couture is borne.

Nuneaton Artist


Once upon another time (not January 2010)
A Five Star Cruise Liner from England sinks
All passengers rescued apart from ONE
Luggage and the ONE marooned on an Island
Castaway Couture is borne


The finest components, skills and craft that England can muster


There are still people alive (just) that remember England as the workshop of the World! From corsets to a Silver Condiment Train for the Maharaja of Jaipur, all had to wait for their turn to be served.


We were busy making things: inventing, tweaking, fumbling, making fools of ourselves, the World’s eccentrics – in garages and small workshops all over this green and pleasant land. To supply the Kings and Queens of this Country and achieve the Royal Warrant was a licence to export products to every part of the globe…

Please don’t think I’m being overtly jingoistic – 1 know we made some tragic mistakes – we provided a brand of political tyranny that will echo for a long time – but we did make things – ten years ago a good a machinist could make (on piece work) £12 an hour – when your husband has lost his job down the pit or in the car industry that sort of money carries a lot of hope. (difficult to sustain as the equivalent wage in China was two pounds eighty a week!).

Our industrial inheritance is being squandered, with the consequence that soon there won’t be anyone left that remembers how it works.

artist uk


OR WOT! Is hopefully about providing a heritage –
In the products
Eclectic Juxuries for him, her and the home
Wot you buy from us will be passed on to the next generation –
an heirloom
The skill and craft that went into making them will be passed down to the sons and daughters of the people that work for us….OR WOT?

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